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Volunteering for swim meets

When they say "It takes a village..." they must have been talking about swim meets! Fun and full of friendly competition, a successful swim meet requires the help of parent volunteers.

Certified Postions:

STROKE & TURN JUDGE: Training is required for those interested in becoming a Stroke & Turn Judge. 

As a Stroke & Turn Judge, you will be partnered with a judge from the another team and work together to determine if swimmers are following the rules for each stroke. Non-conformance, frequently referred to as “DQ” or disqualification, is noted on a "DQ slip" and brought to scoring table.

This is a great position for either the seasoned swim team veteran or those new to swimming and eager to learn the "stroke rules" quickly!

Non-Certified Positions:

The following positions are open to all. Many positions can be learned “on-the-job” or with brief instruction.

TENT PARENTS: Supervises the waiting area for a particular age group during meets, checks kids in before the meet and informs coaches if anyone is absent, marks arms of swimmers with event/heat/lane, distributes event cards for relays, keeps track of swimmers (as best as they reasonably can) between events, and gets swimmers to the Line-Up Volunteers with caps and goggles. For most age groups, several parents will share this job. This position is obviously more important for the younger swimmers, and the pit parents for the youngest ages (6 & under and 7-8) are especially critical to the timely start of the meet. This job keeps you with your swimmer during the whole meet.

LINE-UP: They are responsible for getting the kids from the age group tents to the ready bench on time, with caps and goggles.

READY BENCH: They are the key to keeping a meet on schedule. Responsible for lining up the swimmers by event, heat and lane and getting them to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time. Assigned to work for one half of the meet. This job gives you the chance to see your swimmer immediately before his/her event.

TIMER: Sits behind the blocks to time/record the swimmer’s time. Each timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane. Timers are assigned to work for one half of the meet. This job gives you the best view of the pool and the swimmers during their races.

EVENT FLIPPER: Responsible for keeping the event board updated with the event that is swimming. The event flipper board is in our team area to provide the information to those not on deck and keeps everyone informed with which event we are on throughout the meet.

OFFICIAL/ STROKE JUDGE: Works with an official from the other team rule on infractions on their side of the pool. They observe strokes, turns, and finishes to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke. Training is required for this position 

SET UP: Sets up the tents for age groups before the swim meet. Hangs up signs and assisting with any other pre-meet needs.

TAKE DOWN: Takes down tents, makes sure our team area is clean and collects any items left behind to return to the coaches for our Riptide Lost and Found. 

The following day at the YMCA:

AWARDS:  Responsible for sorting and labeling awards for each event..

Not Sure Where to Volunteer?

Please don't hesitate to come and talk to us with questions.

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