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Meet Expectations for Parents and Swimmers

  • Check heat sheet for your swimmers events:
  • Use a Sharpie to mark Event/Heat/Lane/Stroke on your swimmers arm 
  • Write on the swimmers arm where they swimmer can read the information and know when they need to be ready to swim
  • With a Sharpie, write on the shoulder the swimmer’s last name. This helps tent parents and volunteers behind the blocks easily identify the swimmers
  • Check in with coaches upon arrival at meet (BEFORE WARM UP)
  • Watch the meet and know what event is in the water
  • Cheer for your teammates!
  • Parent volunteers will line swimmers up 5-7 events BEFORE their event
  • Swimmers will remain in tent throughout the meet so coaches and/or volunteers can easily find them
  • Swimmers are not allowed to have any markings on their bodies besides: 1) Their last name on their shoulder blade 2) Event/Heat/Lane/Stroke on arm
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Additional information about Heat Sheets


Because swimming pools have a limited number of lanes, an event is often broken into heats so additional swimmers from each age group can swim the event. Heats are numbered from one for each event.


Events such as the 50 yard freestyle are associated with an event number. A swim meet starts at event 1 and progresses to higher numbers. In summer league, events are based upon age groups and gender.


A swimmer is assigned a particular lane in which they are to swim each event.


Stroke refers to the competitive swimming stroke that the swimmer will swim for the prospective event. They may be abbreviated as follows: fly (butterfly), back (backstroke), breast (breaststroke), free (freestyle), IM (individual medley)

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